Premium white label placenta pack❤❤ 

 I'hv been using this wash off mask 2 times a week for the past two months .
 Its the perfect mask for a quick fix ! Especially for a mother with a active toodler !

Why I like it?
Ingredients list:
- No chemical 
- No paraben 
- No mineral oil & etc )
- Wash off mask in 30 seconds!❤ 
- Doesn't cause me any outbreaks or skin irritation .❤
- Keeps my skin hydrated ✌
- Gives a slight glow effect❤ 
- Prepare my skin for a better makeup application the next day!
- Could be use on the Face , Eye , lip & even neck area !!( All in one !❤
- Its just SGD $18.90❤!! So affordable for a product that's made in Japan .

What not to like?

 Available online BeautyDirectSg(100AM), Guardian, John little & etc 

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