Bye Cellulite/Orange Skin ! With Before & After pictures !

Today i'll  review the treatment I did for the past 2 Months !

Few months back I met up with a client of my from my previous job and the moment she looked at me  😲  !

She asked me in a polite manner , if I'hv gained weight & if I notice how bad my cellulite was.  I obviously never feel so till she mention about it.

As I gained some weight since last year and of course I wasn't that bothered about it .

However I didn't know It had lead to serious cellulite & water retention. 

Cellulite could be cause of :
1. Diet
2. Lifestyle
3. Hormonal  
4. Genes
5. Clothing

As for myself I feel that it could be the Extreme weight gain of 17 kg during my pregnancy and of course no exercise done for the past years .

"Pro Slim" , and was nice to provide me a trial treatment for LVS( Lymphatic Vacuum Suction)

So here's a short breakdown on the procedures.

They applied  Massage oil and " Meditrina Ageless Herbal "cream on my thigh with Effleurage movement . Followed by machine with suction that reshape the appearance of  Cellulite , breakdown the fat cells and drain out the toxic. Lastly they use a cling wrap to wrap around for 1hour.

Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream is a must have for me in each treatment and for daily use.

1. Reduce water retentions
2. Promotes stronger Immune system
3. Reduce Menstrual cramps

and personally I feel it helps to keep my skin smooth too!

Here comes the results that you be looking for !

1st Session
Here's the 1st session for Front thigh and I'm hooked ! Look at the results ! 
No filter & photoshop

2nd Session

The 2nd Session for my back thigh was different and painful , because of stubborn cellulites! 
The therapist choose a Air cupping method to break the fats 

I would rate it 7.5/10 for pain level !

Not to forget I could feel my cellulite during the treatments!

After 1st session I could feel my skin is smoother too ! Bonus point  ! Yay!

You may mention " VINNA" to get this treatment at $88 !

Here's the contact details :
Pro Slim ( PS Beauty & Wellness)

-313 orchard Rd #07-01 
-27 Bedemeer Rd #01-665 
Tel: 6337 8135 / 9366 2795

*Strictly by appointment only

Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream

Via their website 
or Pro Slim

Lastly I need to  mention that i'm not paid & all Before & After results are not filter or photoshop at all!

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