Bio Oil for Hair , Face , body & even makeup?

It's been a month since I have receive and try on a  bottle of Bio Oil in Courtesy from (Thank you Charlotte !)

I have try using in a few different ways :

What I like about them?

- Just 3 drops of Bio Oil I spread this from the tips of my semi dry hair , make my hair soft & tame the frizzy hair !

Face (Skincare)
- I warm my hands  before using 2 drops of Bio Oil and spread on my cheeks in the night before moisturizer .
- Uneven skin tone
- Dehydrated skin
-Aging Skin

Face( Makeup)
- Same as my skincare routine for skincare , I warm my hands before using 2 drops of Bio Oil and spread on my cheeks , then T-zone after applying my Primer & before foundation for a dewy look!

- I use 3-5drops & massage over the areas where's I have dry skin & stretch marks that came during my pregnancy a few years back.

- Affordable price $15.50(60ML) $25.90 (125ML)
-Available at Watson, Guardian, Unity , Robinsons & Metro

Why not to like about them?
- It contains Mineral oil which some might be allergy too.

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