Alyssa's 3rd Birthday !

Feeling blah after I went thru 3 times of typing for this blogpost! :(

So this year We plan a Simple advance  celebration of her in school & for our family.
Alyssa didn't request for any special character , the only thing she want is to have it in rainbow & purple theme.

The easy & fuss free deco , as we only have half an hour of time for celebration and decoration!
Thank God for the ready made partyware, like hats , backgrounds, plates, cups , fork & spoons and even more!

Click here for the link for partyware  , you get to view a conversion rate straight from "65Daigou 

Alyssa & Friends enjoying their cakes !

With her classmates in school ( Girls Power) 

Anyway I proceed with searching for inspiration 2 month before celebration.

Partyware are one of the biggest concern for me,  as I the once here are much more pricey too!
I went on to my current favourite website to search for it. Its Non other then "TaoBao"  ,  I got partyware, puzzles , clothes & even decorations too!
The one issue I'hv was how do I ship everything in? I got recommended by friend's to try "65Daigou" to ship everything I want from Taobao
So here's the loots I got there for her rainbow/purple theme party

Cakes , cupcakes , Jelly , biscuits & etc?
Since my MIL want us to have a family cake cutting session together , we decided to get cupcakes for her school celebration instead.
I came across many many bakers that create amazingly beautiful designs but My concern was the ingredients used.
I went on Facebook, Instagram & google to do a search for a healthtier picks for the kids.
I found "Petite Joy Bakes" , the owner is a nice lady & have been patience with my customised  request .

  Even the boys love it too!

for the chiffon cupcakes it uses oil, so it's lighter compared to butter. It uses slightly less sugar too. Same for frosting. Whipped cream frosting is less sweet :)

For food coloring, they use minimal to bring out the colors. So the colors are not too strong.  For the butter they used French butter & exclusively French butter because it gives a milder, subtle butter scent in the baked cake or cookies. But not overpowering .

Goodies bag ! I got activity books for the kids , coloured markers, and sweet, cereal bar from

"Jn Kitchen Agar Agar " for each kids to bring home

Not that it look attractive to kids & adults , it also taste good!

Pooh bear,Elephants, bear , piggy and Mickey mouse !

Last but not least, I would like to thank Papa Ong & Alyssa Teacher's for all the help given to us !