Beautiful You Event & Dr Benjamin Yim Aesthetic & laser clinic Spectra laser toning session

It's been a month since we attended Dr Benjamin Yim , Beautiful You event.
We got a chance to see the results of Silhouette Soft Threadlift , creating a V-shape Face on Lovely model.

A little bit about Silhouette Soft Threadlift from Dr Benjamin Yim Facebook.

"By itself, the Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift works as a complementary treatment that supports the face to create the V-shape. And when used with Botox® and fillers®, results will be optimal,” explained Dr. Yim. “Their effects are natural and the best part is that these treatments allow for continuity for all social events, with only minimal disruptions,” he said.
A dual action Thread Lift procedure, a Silhouette Soft® treatment produces an immediate lifting effect with continual gradual stimulation of collagen in the skin over time, and lasts for up to an impressive 18 months. "

We got to find out more on Jane Iredale Products  & Fashion styling too!

Next would be a session Of Carbon , PCA Peel with Spectra laser toning session.

   Before image

Carbon peel

During Spectra laser session by Dr Benjamin

The PCA Peel that's doesn't itch my skin and no Hydroquinone !

Could you see my skin was glowing?! The pictures are w/0 filter or edit.
There's wasn't any pain during the laser , all I felt was a light tingling sensation .

Not sure if its too rejuvenating for my skin, but I'hv 2 pimple popping out 2 days later .
Thankfully it go off within 3 days ! As for my friends that have went for this treatment , they didn't see any peeling or breakout and their skin is looking great !

Thank You Dr Benjamin  & colleagues for this painless session .

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