My first impression on Dr Morita whitening & Hyaluronic Acid Mask

When I need a "Beauty cheat day"  Mask sheet are a must!
Here I got Dr Morita Four Heavenly King Mask sheets from Taiwan !
Each range of  mask are make with different texture of mask sheet to work too, I personally feel that their sheets are light but packed with essence.

Dr Morita ( Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask)
This range has been their best-seller in 80 years . This mask delivers a moisturizing effects, featuring Japanese per raw Hyaluronic acid , coupled with the brand's in-houde exclusive formula

Dr Morita ( whitening Mask )
All-rounder whitening Mask comprising of Tranexamic acid to inhibit melanin production , and hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin. It also contains a high conposition of Ellagic acid high jn antioxidants from natural berries, which are renowned for their effective whitening properties.

Dr Morita ( Repair Essence Ultra Slim Facial mask)
Features Snail extract, well-known for its repair abilities . Besides that it contains antioxidant properties , and prevents the loss of your skin's natural hyaluronic acid .
Keeping it supple , moisturized , soothing and suitable for senstive skin

Dr Morita ( Syn-Ake Essence Facial Mask)
A top choice for consumers that's looking for Coveted V-shaped effect. It contain Venom Peptides that helps prevent nerve contractions to smooth wrinkles, with addition of collagen helps to enhance skin elasticity and supplness 
This product uses feather yarn that absorbs the essence 8 times its own weight with a silk light texture that

So after trying the different mask sheets from Dr Morita ,my go too would be their whitening mask which is a all rounder and after each mask session of 10-15min my skin feels much supple and clearer 👍

As for my hubby, he prefer the hyaluronic range which reduce the tightness in he's face after a face cleanse !  So yes that's he's picks for now 😁😁

Retail at Watsons at  10sheets/box $16.90
$1.69 for a mask sheet is so affordable !

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