Dr Benjamin Yim Clinical Aesthetics & laser centre 15th Anniversary !

Attended Dr Benjamin Yim Clinic 15th year annivesary last weekend at Hard rock cafe,
we got to how our skin & facial shapes changes as we age .

One of Dr. Ben Yim's quote:Our skin goes through the aging process with time and through culmulated sun-damage and stresses in life. It is therefore essential for us to have a basic daily skincare routine to keep our skin looking the best it can. Skincare today is ‘fortified’ with therapeutic ingredients like: anti-oxidants, growth factor proteins, vitamin A, UV blockers and skin lighteners. The approach is scientific and evidenced-based. - Dr. Ben Yim

So if you're looking for a a Aesthetic facial enhancement , do look for Dr Benjamin for more information :)
He will be able to share and analysis with you.

Below are products review:

A cleansing lotion that dissolves light makeup, oil and waxy debris that builds up in pores in one step. Suitable all skin type. 

Me: I have try this out on my hands after swatches of some Liquid / pencil eyeliner,  cream foundation and lip lacquer.
It removes the cream foundation and lip lacquer compeletlu , leaving slight residues of the eyeliners .
However I have to point out that this is to be use on face makeup not eye

Natural daily sun protection against UVB and UVA, with antioxidant and repairing activities. Suitable all skin types.

Me: As a big fan of tinted sunscreen since my teenage years, I'm always on a lookout for a light texture tinted sunscreen . It a light tinted shade which blends in my skin shade . 

Pure botanic extracts of placenta and collagen can immediately lock the moisture in between the cuticle cells and regenerate the cells. Therefore your skin will look shining and brighter.

Thank you Dr Benjamin , Jane iredale ( priscilla) & GotIdeas ( Joselyn ) for the informative n fun event. 

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