What I use to clean my Makeup brushes?

What do you use to clean your brushes?

I use many different types of brush cleansers, from Gel , cream and foam base .

One of my favourite would be :
Kicho Argan Oil brush cleansers

It require about 5 caps of amount of cleanser and dilute 3 bottle caps of tap water for cleansing of 5-7 Face brushes or 8-10 Eye brushes.

You will just have to dip your brush in the solution and swirl on your palms or a Silicon face brush ( cheaper alternative to Brush gloves) then rinse

What I like about it?
- Small so good !
- Brush is well cleanse
- Bristles feels soft & non-sticky
- Available at all SASA outlet

What not to like?
- It's not as affordable
- Requires more solutions as compared to other cheaper alternative .

Lee Ji Ham Smart power cleansing

This maybe a makeup remover but works as good as a brush cleaner too for stubborn foundations residues . All you have to do is to take less then 5 cents amount of  cleanser & make it foamy before you swirl it with the foam for 3 face brushes or 5-8 eye brushes.

What I like about it?
- Multi purpose cleanser
- Cleans off any stubborn residues of products
- Available online @ www.hkcplaza.com

What not to like?
- It priced at $44 which is slightly more pricey

Dr Bonner Rose liquid Castile soup

A multi purpose soap , which could be use as a cleanser , laundry soap  & etc !
I would use this only to clean  Blusher , bronzer & eye shadow brushes as it works well only non stubborn residues. One cap of solution to 5 caps of water , as this is quite thick & foams very well.

What I like about it ?
- Affordable price of SGD10 for a bottle
-  Doesn't contains harsh chemicals
- Multi purpose cleanser , can be use in more then 10 ways !
- Smell nice & relaxing
- Cleanse off light makeup residue on brushes well

What not to like?
- Not available at all shops in Singapore
- Does leave a slight film on brushes ( Feels like it need to be rinse once more.


Fancl Baby shampoo

I use this before any of the above products , it more of a mild cleanser for light residues.
Just one pump & make it foamy before I clean the brushes.

What I like about it?
- Light scents

What not to like?
- Not available in Sg anymore
- Price

Sephora Brush cleaner

A daily spray brush cleanser which I use after every use.
I usually spray on brushes & use a tissue to wipe it.

What I like about it
- Cleans off any light to medium residues
- Affordable price
- Travel friendly size

What not to like?

So here's my few favourite brush cleanser and I would insert a brush guards in all brushes to help it retain its shape while drying.

I would love to know what's your favourite cleanser too !

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