Tatcha's Best seller Review !

Tatcha  Classic Rice Enzyme Powder  USD 65

Love the packaging & the product!
I have been using it since I got it a month ago

! This is the best cleanser/ exfoliant that I have use ! 
My skin Feel so nice & soft after just one use! 

Why I like it?

- No Harsh chemical
- No paraben
- Suitable for sensitive skin
- Daily Exfoliant 
- Promotes Clarity to skin

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting mask USD 28 Per pcs

 Why I like it?

- no harsh chemical 
- Contains red algae
- Contains Coconut- derived biocellulose 
- 15 mins applications
- Stay on skin without having to adjust the mask 
- Gives a Luminous GLOW ! ( This gives my face a glow which lasted for a few days ! )
- Plumps up some fine laugh lines ! ( Plus point ++)

Why not to like about it?
- Price is slightly steep at USD 28 Per pcs !
- Might cause some red bumps to any that's allergy to coconut extracts !

Tatcha  Orginal Aburatorigami Beauty Paper USD 12/30pcs

Why I like it?

- Natural Leaflet blotting paper
- Powder free
- Fragrance-free
- It absorb excess oil without stealing any moisture
- I just need to use once a days !
- Doesn't takes off any makeup

Why not to like about it?
- Price is slightly steep as compared to Clean & clear etc (4-5per 30 pcs), but don't forget you're paying for quality products when you choose Tatcha ! :)

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