Which is the most suitable Eyebrow for you? Part 1 !

Speaking of Eyebrows, do you know what shape suits you best?

Do you know importance of getting the Correct "Eyebrow" ? It can either make you slim , pretty , or Plump, Sad & even Fierce ( The Archy brow like WITCH !)

Let's view the chart bellow which I got from Google , http://permanentpretty.wordpress.com/

You have to identifier your face shape, by putting your hair away  from your face , you will be able to know what's your face shape. For example : I'm a Square shape , and I need to soften my jawline  by creating a angled brow with a define sharp peak at the top of the brow .

Firstly you have to start with shaping for your eyebrows with :
1.Tweezers ( Cheap but time consuming )
2. Waxing (  Quick but Hurts a little & cost about $20-$30 )
3. Threading ( Time consuming & hurts way more then waxing )

Second: Trim any unwanted stray hairs.

Three: Draw your brows
1. Eyebrow powder
2. Eyebrow pencil
3. Eyebrow pen
4. Eyebrow gel
5. Eyebrow Mascara ( To change the color of your brows )
 Or Invest on 3D EyeBrow Embroidery !

To be continued with Part 2 !

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