My New Diet & Skin Care ! Part 1(Diet)

After binge eating from the recent months of heavy lunch, dinner , supper &  buffets , I  notice that my skin is dull & health has shown signs like feeling lethargic . I went on google to check on a healthier diet for my health & skin , and  I follow on a few blogs , Instagram which got me motivated too!

Basically this is a short breakdown of what I did for the past 2 weeks
Morning : Drink a full cup of warm water ,
Or maybe you could try taking it with a slice of lemon in warm water.
You may view the following link below that I got online :

Breakfast : Fat free yogurt or Quick Oats with Chia Seed  and a few slice of avocado or eggs with toasted whole meal bread 
You may view the following from the link below that I got online: 

This is what I make this morning , Yogurt with kiwi & a teaspoon of chia seed. Cherry tomato, a slice of toasted whole meal bread with Avocado!  (I take heavy breakfast )

Yogurt (pre -biotics ):

Oats ( help to maintain Cholesterol levels) :

Chia seed ( great source of proteins, vitamins & etc :

Avocadohealthy unsaturated fat)

Whole meal bread

Lunch :  salad & fruit juice,fruits ( anti oxidant kiwi , dragon fruit , blueberries etc) ,brew soup without rice or I'll just get a fish burger   ( I play cheats ) ! 

Dinner : home make salad ( I get pre-mix packet from cold storage ) home cooked vegetable , fish ( cod fish , salmons& chicken cook by grandma.

I would recommend you to use organic or natural ingredient & drink a glass of warm of before every meal, as it helps you
To get your stomach filled to prevent you from over eating. Also remember to eat everything in moderate .

Once a week during weekends i'll get a few cups of warm  Organic green tea or Organic darjeeling Tea , to cleanser body. 

Ps: I do pamper myself with fries , nugget or ice cream during the weekends too . ( You have to pamper yourself!)

To be continued with my part 2 of skincare too ! 


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