My breast feeding journey

Breast Feeding!

I'm back to write about my 7 months of breast feeding journey.
During my pregnancy I did a research on "Breast Feeding" , from forums to blogs  and getting to know how great it's , and set a Goal that I should Breastfeed for a minimum of 6 months , providing my child the best I could. Being a first time mum I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to produce milk , due to the fact that I'm __ cup , but to my surprise it went up a few cup size after I delivered my child & started breastfeed ( pumping ) . During my child's first week & second week , my breast started to get  engorge , and it's was so so so painful & hard ( almost feels like stone, and i'm not kidding )  I have to engage a massage lady which is experience to massage & remove the blocked milk ducts , which hurts so much ( worse then waxing ) and uncomfortable , after the massage of 70-90min my blocked milk ducts was about 80% clear ,and leaving me feeling light. As for the 20% blocked milk ducts I have try pumping out for a longer period, for the 1st three months I pump every three hours , 8times a day even in the middle of the night. It was tiring and most of the time after pumping for 30min It feels like I have finish an hour of  exercise. It was pretty tedious for me, as I started work just after one & a half months of maternity leave.  The fact that I'm in the sales line, I have to bring my pump, ice bag , bottles , milk bag with me and rushing to find a nursing room during work.

Sadly I lose all the photo of my breast feeding journey , so all I have now is memories!

So let's wait for my 2nd baby for pictures!

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