My 1st facial session with New York Skin solutions

A month ago I Step into New York Skin Solutions
for a new facial experience. With positive comments from my friends on their acne/ pimple treatment .
I was attended by Joanne,  that got me to fill in my particulars & go thru a skin analysis with me using the skin scope.
Like what I’hv always notice was the whiteheads . That"s not all , now I have freckles and pigmentation due to my work assignments that require me to be outdoors for a long hours for almost twice a week 
I was Recommend to go for a Hydrocollagen facial,  a full 1hr45min treatment.
read about it below !
Step by step treatment with my therapist :
A first step deep cleansing,  My consultant used rosemary milk cleanser for removing of makeup & a cleansing gel to prep the skin for treatment.
A facial mask is placed with oxygen blasted onto skin. This process helps to soften your skin and open up your pores to prepare your face for extraction.
Extraction is carried out and of course there's some pain which is bearable and  there's Slight redness that's common and  subside in 2days.
Followed with a collagen treatment with a collagen gel applied on and using a ultrasound machine to stimulate the gel into the dermis layer .
I got to try out their facial point shoulder massage that's pressure point massage that unknot the stiff shoulder  ( so relax )
Lastly mask! Not 1 but 2 mask.
They applied a Honey mask for hydration and a hard mask for firming.
Ingredients of the powder mixture depends on the individual's skin condition and concerns

After 2 days from the facial session the redness subsided and there's less breakouts too!

I'm also using New York's tinted sun screen that works really well as a base for dry-normal skin 
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