First Official post & Updated Skincare Care routine !

So I have decided to start on blogging !
Mainly Beauty products , Clean eating & some of my daily life.

So yes what got be started blogging again would be my passion for Beauty products , from Makeup to skincare .

For my First post I would be sharing on my Skin type & Condition, Updated Skincare Routine !

Skin Type:  Oily T-Zone & Normal On cheeks
Skin Condition: Mild Whiteheads on my forehead & cheeks
Skin Concern : Whitehead, blackheads , freckles & pigmention

Next would be my Updated Skincare Routine :

NUXE White Range ( For Transparent & Rosy Skin!)

I received a set of NUXE White Range  when Amanda  ( invited me to during BellaBox Backstage event !!! Thank you Amanda !

There's five products from NUXE White ,

1. NUXE White Cleanser SGD38
2. NUXE White Lotion SGD48
3. NUXE White Serum SGD88
4. NUXE White Emulsion SGD58
5. NUXE White SPF 30++ SGD45

6. NUXE Prodigieux Eye Contour  ( Will update on price )
7. NUXE Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm  ( will update on price)

The Main ingredients:

-White Crocus (exclusive patent)
-Stargazer Lily
-Porcelain Rose (exclusive patent) 
-Cherry Blossom 

Which Proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarity of the complexion and the rosy appearance of the skin in 28 Days !

I have been using the full product range for about a month , and I'm loving them !

What I love about them?
- Doesn't clog my pores
- No breakouts
- Work great on my Combination Skin
- Gives a brightening effect
- Keeps skin hydrated

What not to love about them?
- Doesn't clear any existing whiteheads or blackheads

Do like me know if you would like to know more on these products !
You may Email me at !

Good Night !

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